What is klippd.in?

Klippd.in is a cashback and coupon website where you save additional money whenever you shop through us. We have an additional feature of making sure you save maximum while doing the transaction and we call it as the Hawk Eye.

What if my retailer is not available?

We love to help you save money, so if your favourite online retailer is not available, just mail us to feedback@klippd.in with your online retailer website or alternatively just fill a form here

What are the charges for using klippd.in?

We don’t charge you for anything; in fact we give money to you for using our website.

How do I contact your helpdesk?

You can mail us your query to support@klippd.in or alternatively just fill a form here

Where does the cashback come from?

Whenever you shop through our website on a particular retailer, the retailer gives us lead fees. This fee is then made available to you in the form of cashback.

What if the link doesn’t work?

Firstly, please try opening the retailer link in another browser, or if possible another computer too. To ensure that the problem you have is not being caused by your own settings, please follow these simple steps:

For Firefox Users>
1) Enable Cookies: Go to Tools - Options - Privacy. Then please change your settings under History to Remember History.
2) Enable JavaScript: Go to Tools - Options - Content. Then please ensure Enable JavaScript is ticked.
3) Disable pop-up blocker: Go to Tools - Options - Content. Then please ensure Block pop-up windows is not ticked.
4) Clear Cookies: Go to Tools - Clear Recent History. Please change the time range to clear to Everything.

For Google Chrome Users
1) Enable Cookies: Tools - Options - Under the Hood - Cookie Settings. Please change to Allow all Cookies.
2) Clear Cookies: Go to Tools - Clear Browsing Data. Please change the time range to clear to Everything.

For Internet Explorer Users
1) Lower Security Level: Go to Tools - Internet Options - Security. Please lower Security level to Medium.
2) Lower Privacy Settings: Go to Tools - Internet Options - Privacy. Please lower the Security Level to Low.
3) Disable Pop-up Blocker: Tools - Internet Options - Privacy. Please ensure the Pop-up Blocker at the bottom of the options page is not ticked.
4) Clear Cookies: Go to Tools - Delete Browsing History. Please delete all.

If none of this works, please contact our Customer Support Team and we can look into this for you. Please provide a clear and concise description of your experience, and include the browser name and version number. If you are getting tracking issue messages, please provide any relevant details on your security settings and/or software.

How to ensure my cashback gets tracked always?

A) Clear all your cookies of the browser.
B) Enable cookies, java scripts.
C) Log into klippd.in
D) Click on the link provided by klippd.in
E) Use coupons codes or discount codes mentioned on the website.
F) Do your normal shopping within the same session and without using any other coupon sites or comparisons sites (these websites don’t pay you cashback or you are paid very less).
G) Relax but keep all emails from merchants in case of any uncertainty.

Cashback Related

How do I earn Cashback?

1) Login to klippd.in
2) Search for your retailer.
3) Click on the get cashback.
4) Do your normal shopping.
5) Relax; your cashback will be tracked within 72 hours.
6) Redeem the cashback when it gets confirmed.

What is Pending Earnings?

These are the earnings which have been acknowledged by the retailer but are yet to be confirmed. Normally, online retailer’s gives you the flexibility of returning or cancelling goods within 30 days and due to this, the retailers wait for some period before making the amount as confirmed.

What is Confirmed Earnings?

These are the amount that has been confirmed from the retailer side and is available for payment. You can withdraw money under the confirmed earnings section as and when you want it.

What is the time frame for the entire cycle?

Your transactions gets normally tracked within 72 hours, once it gets acknowledged by the merchant, the retailer would wait for the cancellation or the return time period which is normally 30 days. As and when that is due, we should have the money in your klippd.in account which you can redeem instantly.

Where can I see my cashback dashboard?

Once you log in, the top left section would give you a summary. If you want full details, you can click on the top right image. This is where you would find My Account. Under this section, go to cashback section and then to My Money for a detailed summary while the Transaction section would give you a transaction wise detail.

What are rewards?

The functioning of the reward is same as that of the cashback. One Reward = One Rupee. The only change is that rewards can only be used to purchase Flipkart gift vouchers unlike cashback where you can transfer the money as per you requirement.

Payment related

When do you make the payment?

We make payments only for confirmed transactions. All pending transactions payment would be done, once they are marked as confirmed.

What is the minimum amount for payment?

Zero. Yes, we don’t keep your money with us to earn bank interest. We pass on to you as and when the cash back gets confirmed. Only for rewards, the minimum reward size has to be 25.

How do I request my payment?

On the header, there is an image of My Account on the top right side. Under this section, first click on cashback and then go to My Money. From My Money, go to payment. Fill in all the required data and the payment would be reflected in the option chosen within 7 working days, though little early.

Kuber Related

What is kuber?

Kuber is the god of wealth and klippd.in wants to give an opportunity to its users to create wealth. All you need is a blog or a platform to make the world hear you. Use our kuber and create your links. Use these links and share it with the world.

How do I create my links?

1) Login to your klippd.in account
2) Under the My Account section, you would find kuber
3) Under kuber, you would see website option
4) So, if you are writing a review about a product on flipkart, select flipkart and click on the get link button
5) The link thus created would be unique to you and can be used anywhere, according to your will

How much do I earn using kuber?

You can earn up to 25% in cash backs and rewards every time.

Where can I find the money earned using kuber?

All transactions made through your links would be available under the My Account section. Look for My Cashback & get a detailed view on all your transactions. Merchant, the retailer would wait for the cancellation or the return time period which is normally 30 days. As and when that is due, we should have the money in your klippd.in account which you can redeem instantly.

Jubot Related

What is JuBot?

JuBot is your personal concierge. This bot would help you get ways to buy the product in the most economical way, if it exist.

How do I use JuBot?

1) Login to your klippd.in account
2) Under the My Account section, you would find Jubot
3) Answer some simple questions
4) JuBot would reply to your query latest within 24 hours

Is JuBot free?

Yes, it is 100% free. We want you to save money in all possible ways.

Refer and Earn Related

What is refer n earn?

We strongly believe in the Mantra Sharing is Caring and we just changed it to Sharing is Caring and Rewarding. So, now every time, you ask anyone to join klippd.in through your unique referral link, you would earn 10% of your referrals earnings for lifetime.Over and above that, your referral would get Rs. 20 as bonus from us, once he signs up through your link. So, Spread the joy!!

How do I share my link?

Go to My Account section on the top right of the page, under this go to Refer n Earn. Just fill the necessary details, like your friends email id and click on the send button. Else, you can copy paste your unique link on any of your active social networking accounts but just keep pushing it. The more you push, the more likely many of your friends would join. Apart from this, you can share the link directly via Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus too.

What is bonus cash?

It is aligned with our mantra of Sharing is Caring. Once you share your unique link and as and when your referrals join via that link, your referrals would earn Rs. 20 in bonus cash.

When can I redeem my bonus cash?

Once you have Rs. 100 in confirmed cash back in your account, you are free to redeem the bonus cash. This means you would get 20% in confirmed cash back.

Are there any other changes for a referral users?

No, there is absolutely no change in the referral user. There is only one advantage to a referral user which would be the Rs. 20 in bonus.

Our Features

Klippd.in Hawk Eye

Hawk Eye

This feature is on a constant look out on ways to further reduce the price. Did you know, you can earn some extra cashbacks by buying a flipkart gift voucher and then buying the product.